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Here I will post some of my shorter pieces, mostly flash fiction. Soon, I will create a link for my wattpad, fanfiction, and fictionpress accounts.


4am story

“Please don’t…”

Bodies littered the floor of the bank. Still pointing the gun at her, Jack glanced over his shoulder at the door. Matt, his partner, was already in the car. “Kill them all,” he’d said. But Jack couldn’t bring himself to shoot the bank clerk.

He fisted the bag of money, knowing he had to leave. He’d been here too long. Someone would have heard the other gunshots and called the police by now. He should shoot her, right now. His finger squeezed the trigger, his pulse pounded in his neck, and sweat dripped down his cheek. The woman sobbed, and her eyes were shut tight. Jack’s hand shook. He breathed deep to steady his heart beat; just pull it. He watched a tear escape the woman’s eye and run down the side of her face, making a track in her makeup.

Jack growled, frustrated. He couldn’t do it. He decocked the gun, jamming it into the waistband of his jeans. The cops were close enough that he could hear the sirens. The woman was looking at him through tear-stained eyes, her hands still up at the sides of her face. Jack silently berated himself before he reached forward and grabbed her hand. “Come with me!”

She yelped like a beaten dog, but obeyed, stumbling after him. Jack pulled them out the side door where Matt was waiting in the car. He forced the bag of money against the door, and as it swung open he came to a complete stop. Matt was gone, and so was the car. Jack stood dumbfounded, then turned to stare, menacingly, at his distraught hostage. She cowered from his glare, trying to slink away, but he held her hand.

The sirens were getting louder. The bank stood on a ridge over the water and Jack made a run for the edge. He had to drag her after him. When they reached the railing he chucked the bag of money into the river, then pulled her against him, “Jump.” His eardrums pulsed from the sirens; they were so close now. The woman shook her head vehemently, so he hoisted her over the railing and into the water, then jumped in after her. His heavy boots made him sink further into the water, but he was a good swimmer and soon broke the surface. He immediately located the bag of money and his hostage. He grabbed her by the hair, causing her to yell in pain. “This way!”

He pulled her after him and they swam up river, away from the sounds coming from the street above. There was a bend just up ahead. Once they passed it, he pulled her with him out of the water. She sunk to the ground as soon as he released her arm, and she lay there sobbing. He shook the water from his hair and took off his jacket and boots. Then he removed his shirt and rung it out before slipping it back on. He breathed a long sigh, before looking at the woman. Now what

Her slim, black dress was drenched and falling off her, her makeup was smeared, and she was missing a shoe. Why didn’t women wear sensible shoes? He looked at the trees around him. The place where he and Matt were supposed to meet wasn’t far from the bank. If he walked fast, he could be there in an hour, even through these back roads.

He turned to the woman still on the ground. She was staring at the place between her hands, sobbing, but quieter now. The gun, tucked safe in his belt, felt hot and his hand inched toward it. He knew he should kill her and move on. She would slow him down and he was not going back to prison. Not ever. His hand closed around the handle, but he couldn’t lift it. What was wrong with him? He’d had no problem killing the two men in the bank. One was the security guard and the other in a suit might have been a businessman. Matt had taken care of the other security guard and the male bank teller. But after he left, Jack heard crying and yelled for them to come out. She’d risen from behind a desk, her makeup already a mess but her large brown eyes pierced at him from beneath thick, dark lashes. It should have been easy, but it wasn’t. Now he had another problem.

He looked back towards the bank and knew they had to leave. He picked up his boots, shoving them on his feet, then grabbed his jacket. He looked over his shoulder, “Get up.” She didn’t move. He marched forward and grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet, “Don’t make me ask twice. Walk.” He shoved her in front of him, “Now.” She wrapped her arms around herself and trudged forward. It was difficult with one heel on and she limped, but they slowly made their way through the trees.

When he heard the sound of cars, he knew they were close to the road. “I have my gun pointed at you. Don’t make a sound and follow the trail through the trees.” She didn’t respond, just kept walking. Jack’s gun was safe in the band of his jeans, but she didn’t need to know that. She’d caused enough trouble already. Why couldn’t he shoot her? He’d killed before, but one look into those eyes and he couldn’t pull the trigger. He stared at her back while she walked. She was thin, but strong, with a nice body. He blinked, shaking his head. Must be the years without a woman creeping up on him.

They walked for little more than an hour. Finally, he saw the familiar roof of the abandoned building he and Matt stored their “findings.”

“Stop,” he said. Now, he did pull out his gun.”Turn around.” She did. She turned slowly, looking half in shock and half exhausted. Even with her mascara and blush smeared all over her face, she was still a beautiful woman. “My partner is already in there. You will walk in behind me and not say a word, or I shoot. Do you understand?” She nodded, and he walked ahead of her. He didn’t turn to make sure she was following him, because he heard her footsteps and soft sniffles. He wanted to say something to calm her down, but he couldn’t worry about her now; he had a score to settle.

They reached the building soon, and Jack opened the back door. He looked at her before entering, holding a finger to his lips. She looked at him with red-rimmed eyes and nodded. He walked in, listening for any movement. He heard voices coming from the front room, where they kept a couch and a small table. The voices he heard were from the radio, reporting that the prestigious bank had been robbed, and the robbers were at large. Jack forced the woman to stand in the back where he could see her. He glared at her, holding up his finger again to make sure she would be quiet, and then left her there.

Matt was sitting on the couch counting his money. He heard Jack come in, but he didn’t stop organizing the bills in neat piles on the table. “Where have you been?” he asked.

“Where have I been?” Jack hissed. “You left me.”

“You took too long.” Matt continued counting the money. Jack dropped his bag onto the cement floor and came to stand in front of him.

“Why did you leave me there?”

Matt’s hands deftly sorted out the bills. “You know the rules. We go in, we get the money, we kill everyone, and we leave.” His hands stopped moving. He looked up at Jack, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. “What was the hold up?”

Jack didn’t know how to respond. He swallowed, unsure. “I ran into a problem.”

“And that was?” Matt resumed counting.

“I took care of it.” Jack glanced toward the back.

“Good,” Matt nodded. “So you killed her.”

Jack hesitated, and Matt paused. He looked up, placing the money down and taking the cigarette out of his mouth. “You did kill her, didn’t you?” Jack stared at him with his jaw clenched tight. Matt narrowed his eyes. “Jack, what did you do?”

Jack glanced up to where the woman stood. She hadn’t made a sound, but his look gave her away. Matt followed his gaze and jumped to his feet. “You brought her here?”

Jack threw his hands out to his sides. “I couldn’t leave her there.”

“You were supposed to shoot her!” Matt bellowed. “That was the plan!” He ran his hands through his hair. “How could you do this?”

“I didn’t have much choice,” Jack said, wary. He spied the gun in Matt’s jeans.

“That’s right, you had a job, and you didn’t do it.” Matt reached for his gun.

“What are you doing?” Jack stepped after him.

“What you couldn’t.” Matt cocked the gun, turning towards the woman. She cowered against the door frame, holding onto it like a lifeline. She begged him not to kill her, but he just pointed the gun. As he was about to pull the trigger, a shot rang out and he fell to his knees. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and he dropped the gun before falling face first onto the dusty floor.

The woman screamed, her hands coming up to cover her mouth. Jack stood with the gun in his hand, watching the blood pool out from beneath his partner’s torso. “Damn it.” Jack grabbed his duffle, and found his spare pair of boots by the far corner. He handed them to her.

“Put these on. We have to go.” She was crying and wouldn’t take them. “DO IT,” He shouted. She jumped, but put the shoes on anyway. Jack took her heel, grabbed her arm, and made her follow him outside. They weren’t far from the water. “Let’s go.”

“What are you going to do with me?” she asked, looking down at the ground as she followed him.

“I don’t know.” They reached the water where he chucked the heel, watching it sail in a wide arch before plummeting into the river. He looked at her. “They’ll think you drowned in the river.”

“Am I going to die?” This time she did look at him. Her eyes were almost devoid of any life. He peered into her chocolate brown eyes and felt his heart skip. “Not today.” He shoved her towards the water, where a speed boat was tied to a tree. He made her climb in before he untied the rope, then climbed in himself and started the boat.

She sat in the corner, watching him as he pushed buttons, flipped switches, and pushed a lever-looking thing and the boat pushed forward onto the water. She watched him look down at the gun in his hands, then toss it over the side.

She hugged her knees close to her body. “Where are we going?” she asked.

He kept his back to her. “To find some place to set up for a while.”

“And then?” she prodded. He didn’t respond. So she stopped asking questions. She sat there quietly, swaying to the gentle rocking of the boat. Her eyes started to close.

“What’s your name?” Her eyes popped open. He wasn’t looking at her, but she knew he’d asked.

“Sarah. What’s yours?”


“Jack,” she whispered to herself. Soon, she fell asleep, exhausted and terrified. He looked over his shoulder at her and felt his heart pulling towards her. She was so beautiful, even in sleep. He was nothing but a lowlife criminal, and he’d just ruined hers. He should have killed her, because she could ID him. By now, he knew he wouldn’t do that. He should have let her run, but he couldn’t let her go. And for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why.



Morning Devotion

When he woke in the morning, he ran his hands through his wavy blonde hair and turned toward the sleeping figure lying next to him. His clear blue eyes settled on her face, as the morning light caressed her cheek, finding the red in her dark hair. He shifted closer, curling on his left side, not wishing to wake her just yet.

Her hair was strewn across the pillow, and her face was turned toward him. One hand rested beside her head, and the other was lying lightly on her slender stomach. He rearranged the blankets, covering her up, and then settled back against his pillow. He exhaled gently and her thick, black lashes fluttered, though she remained asleep. Her white tank top contrasted sharply against her tanned skin, and her breathing was deep and even. One thought ran through his head, repeatedly: how lucky he was to wake up to her each morning.

He leaned forward to place a kiss on her nose, and felt her stir. As he leaned away, he noticed the smile on her face, and she opened her eyes. Her doe-like, brown eyes stared back at him in adoration. He held her gaze for a few seconds, before saying, “Good Morning.” He reached forward to tuck a strand of hair that had settled on her cheek, back behind her ear.

She stretched slowly against the pillow, “Is it morning already?” she asked, squinting into the sunlight playing across the sheets.

He smiled broadly, “Yes, it is.” He covered the hand that was placed over her stomach with his own. “Back to reality.”

“Reality?” she laughed. “Is this a dream?” She said, turning on her side and facing him. She curled her fingers with his and closed her eyes, relaxing to the feel of his thumb stroking her hand.

“If it is, I don’t ever want to wake up.” She kept her eyes closed, but a smile curved her lips upward. Her fingers squeezed his lightly in a loving gesture.

She lay listening to the sound of his gentle breathing, lulling her back to sleep. He was content to stay exactly as he was, admiring each of her features. She must have felt his eyes on her, because suddenly, she smiled. “Stop staring,” she said, keeping her eyes closed.

His hand moved to play with her long hair, running his fingers through the even strands. She snuggled closer, nestling her head against his shoulder and letting her hand rest on his bare chest. He rested his cheek on the top of her head and continued playing with her hair. It was a while before he spoke and when he did, it was almost too quiet for her to hear. “How did I get so lucky?”

Her eyes flicked open, and she inclined her head to look directly at him, stating in a sober tone. “I’m the lucky one.”

His face was mere inches from hers and he shook his head, “You’re perfect.” She started to say something, but he put a finger to her lips. “I love everything about you.”

She squinted her eyes at him. “Everything?” she asked, slightly teasing. But what he said next made her heart race, reminding her why she had fallen in love with him.

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed each of her fingers, ticking off the reasons for his devotion.

“You are the most precious thing in my life,” he said, with a kiss to her forefinger. “I love the way your eyes shine when you smile.” A kiss to her middle finger. “I love the sound of your laugh, and the way you snuggle with our children before bed.” Another two kisses.

At this point, he looked up from her fingers to see her staring intently at him. He released her hand and moved to hover over her. She lay back against the pillow while he looked down at her, resting his weight on his forearm.

“I love hearing you sing in the shower,” he kissed her forehead, and then added, “even when you’re off-key.” He said, laughing lightly. She playfully smacked his arm, laughing along with him. He pulled her close, and rolled them so that he was lying back on the bed, with her chest flush against his. Her hair fell like a dark curtain over her shoulder, tickling his bare arm.

He smiled and cupped her cheek, so that he could look directly into her eyes. “I love the way you look at me. The smile that stretches across your face every morning, when you open your eyes. I love the way you love our children. I love how you take care of us, and how gentle you are with my heart.”

Her lips parted and her eyes began to tear. His thumb stroked her cheek, “Your strength is my guide. You heart is the most precious thing in the world to me. As yours is mine, my heart belongs to you and it always will.”

Tears started slipping down her cheeks, “I never imagined someone could love me like you do.”

“I do.” He curled his hand behind her head and brought her forehead to rest against his. “And if you let me, I will spend the rest of forever proving it to you.”

She lowered her lips to meet his, and kissed him sweetly, then nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck. Placing her palm against his chest, she felt his heartbeat and sighed contently. She was very aware of her own heartbeat, and how it had slightly accelerated when they kissed, and now, had settled to a steady pace, beating in rhythm with his.


As she entered the building, warmth seeped into her bones, chasing away the chill from the night. Veronica entered the hall, dressed in her best gown. It was blood red and strapless, and the bodice was covered in gold and silver jewels. It had a cinched waist to show off her curves, and the train hung loose and low to the floor. It flowed as she moved, giving her a fluid and graceful step. The deep red accentuated the dark shade of her hair and her dark eyes.

She checked her jacket with the attendant and took her ticket, tucking it onto her little black clutch. When she entered the ballroom, her eyes were aglow with the splendor of the room. It was filled with the most elegant décor, shimmering linen, fine china, and crystal chandeliers that hung from the high ceiling. Thick velvet drapes were pulled back from the windows, providing a full view of the luminous moon. There were candles along the buffet, and colorful flowers throughout the room.

Veronica strode over to the table full of delectable-looking sweets and pastries—she had always been a sweet tooth. Her eye caught a plump strawberry that was serving as a garnish for a tray of chocolate mousse cakes. She plucked it from the tray, it’s bright red color, matching the polish on her nails and dress, and placed it in her mouth. She bit into the sweet fruit, letting the tangy juices settle over her tongue. A waiter passed, carrying a tray of champagne. She took a glass, sipping the fizzy concoction and letting it slide down her throat.

Her eyes scanned the room. Before she could find an empty seat, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She turned to see Arion, standing very close to her. Dressed in a very expensive tux, he stood at 6′ 2”, with black hair, and dark chocolate-colored eyes, making his alabaster skin seem uncannily white. He was holding two glasses of champagne. He smiled, extending one of them, “Can I offer you a drink?” His smooth voice sent chills down her spine.

“I have my own thank you,” she replied, crossing her arms.

“Don’t be like that,” he sidled closer, lowering his voice. “We could have a lot of fun together.”

“What do you want?”

He shrugged, “The pleasure of your company.”

She scoffed, disbelieving, “Is that all?” She took a sip of her drink, trying to hide her disgust.

“That depends.” He set the other glass down on the buffet behind them, trailing his knuckle down her arm. “What are you offering?”

“Absolutely nothing,” she hissed, moving away from him.

He laughed quietly. “As always, I hope you reconsider. And I hope you save me the last dance?” With that, Arion tipped his glass, gulping down the rest of the contents. He gave a half bow, before he sauntered off into the crowd. Veronica let out the breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. She rolled her shoulders to try to ease her tension, but her hands were shaking too much. He’s dangerous, her mind whispered. But she couldn’t ignore the fluttering of her heart.

“Veronica!” she heard her name called from somewhere to her right. She looked and found her two friends, Anne and Jackson sitting at a table in the far corner of the room. She walked over with her mostly-full champagne glass, and took a seat next to Anne.

“What did Arion say to you?” her bright, blue eyes were full of concern.

Veronica brushed it off, placing a hand on her friend’s shoulder. “Nothing of importance.”

She was in a daze for the rest of the ball. Towards the end, a very slow and romantic song sounded over the speakers. The kind where you dance very close to your partner, and your bodies share their heat, while you stare into each other’s eyes. Jackson took Anne’s hand, causing her to blush, and led her to the dance floor. They cast apologetic glances back at her, but she smiled and waved them off. They were suckers for romance. Veronica always scoffed at it. To her, no one was worth the effort. Except maybe Jackson, but he was already taken. He and Anne had been together for three years now, and Veronica respected him. He loved her best friend. But she held no hope that she would find another Jackson any time soon.

Suddenly, she felt a hand cover hers and she looked up to see Arion above her. “I chose this song for us.”

“Us?” Veronica was befuddled, and she’d had a little too much champagne this evening. Her head was swimming.

He smiled down at her, gently lifting her from the chair. “Please, do me the honor of dancing with me.” His eyes were seductive, and his hand was warm on her back and in her hand. Before she knew it, they were on the dance floor, Anne and Jackson were staring at her with shocked expressions.

Arion twirled her, and pulled her back so fast that she lost her balance and fell against his hard chest. His arms tightened around her, holding her close. She could smell his cologne. Spicy cinnamon, she liked it. She kept her head at his shoulder, too nervous to meet his eyes. He didn’t let her hide for long. He placed a finger beneath her chin, lifting her head. “Not going to faint on me now, are you?” he teased.

Her temper flared, and she pulled back as far as his grip would allow. “Not a chance in hell.”

“Good,” his eyes twinkled. “So, I won’t have to take advantage of you.”

Shocked, she tried to pull away completely, but he didn’t let her move an inch. She remained pressed against his body, only able to lean her head back to glare at him. He seemed unperturbed. “Besides, I want to enjoy this.” He rested his cheek against hers.

“Enjoy it while you can, it won’t happen again.” She said, sourly.

His eyes flashed, then he leaned close so that she had to dip her head back too keep her gaze locked with his. “I have you now. What makes you think I’ll let you go?” He smirked, and she knew she should be terrified to be in the arms of a monster. But she felt a rush of excitement and her body reacted against her will, betraying her emotions. A blush rose to her cheeks, and her pupils dilated at his proximity. But the biggest tell was her accelerated heartbeat, and the way her body curved itself into his form. She knew she had to find a way out of his grasp, no matter how much she didn’t want to. Arion smiled, broadly. He knew she was consumed by his touch, as much as he was by hers.

Suddenly, he dipped her in the center of the dancefloor. She was breathless, and could only stare at him. He cradled her head in his hand and leaned down to touch his soft lips to hers. It only lasted a few seconds, but to Veronica it felt like hours. She let herself drown in the soft pressure of his mouth moving against hers. When it was over, she stayed immobile in his arms. He pulled back, and pinned her with a dark stare. “That’s my girl.” He whispered.

The song ended, and he lifted her to her feet. He released her, all but for one hand on her waist. He lightly kissed her forehead, “I’ll call on you, soon.” And then he was gone. He stuck one fist into the pocket of his trousers, and made his way through the crowd. Veronica blinked, and then Anne and Jackson were at her side.

“What were you doing dancing with Arion?” Anne couldn’t keep the distressed tone out of her voice.

“I—I don’t know.” Veronica stuttered.

“Do you have any idea what the townspeople are going to say about you, after that?” Jackson was equally as worried. Both of them stood with Veronica on the dance floor, while people started making their way out. Many casts disapproving looks her way, some shaking their heads.

Arion was one of the most abhorred men in the town, his presence was only accepted because of his tremendous wealth. But the gossip and scandal that surrounded him, made it very risky for anyone to get close to him—especially a woman.

“Veronica,” Anne put a shoulder around her best friend, and led her toward the coat racks. They handed over their tickets and retrieved their jackets. Once outside, the icy wind cleared some of Veronica’s daze. She took a deep breath, letting the icy wind into her chest cavity, feeling it chill her from the inside out. When she released the breath, she felt a little more clear-headed. Until she looked up. Arion was getting into his car, and he stole a glance back at her. He lifted his hand in farewell, and before he shut his door, he winked. Veronica went still.

Jackson stood behind her, “What does that guy want?”

“I have no idea.” Around her, the world went silent. She couldn’t hear anything over the sound of her rapidly beating heart. She knew Arion would come to call on her soon. And when he did, she didn’t know what he would do. But what was worse, she wasn’t sure what she would do, either.

Learning to Swim


Starting out,

We don’t know how to swim.

Eventually, we learn.

Most often with a guide, but

Ultimately, the task is ours,

And we learn to keep ourselves afloat.


In youth,

We rely on our parents,

Watching over us,

Jumping in and playing with us.

Making sure that we are unafraid.

We learn to love the water.


Time flashes forward,

We’re scared and hesitant,

Our parents get into the water with us,

Teaching us to move our arms in circles,

Causing the water to ripple.

We learn that our actions,

Will make our own tumultuous tide.

Our parents remain,

Making sure our heads stay above the surface.

And we lose the fear of ever losing their safe embrace.


Suddenly their hold loosens,

That safety disappears and we float off on our own.

The immensity is frightening at first,

But we see that,

Despite the water splashing in our faces,

We stay with the tide.

Our parents stand back and watch us swim.


Once we’ve conquered that,

Then comes the hardest part,

Our parents disappear from the shoreline,

Yet, we’re older and our bodies are stronger,

We’ve been here before.

We look around and don’t see our parents,

Not this time,

Not anymore.


You start out tentatively and,

Gaining confidence, begin to splash,

Making your own waves.

You’re not afraid, not anymore,

You no longer need your parents’ safe hold,

Because you’ve learned to swim.


Heart of A Warrior

You never knew I was strong, until you hurt me,

You never knew I was a fighter, until you provoked me,

And you learned—too late—that I could not be broken.

You thought my smile meant that I was fragile,

And the light in my eyes meant that I was innocent.

You thought the sound of my laugh meant that I was naive,

And the weight of my compassion meant that you could deceive me,

You were wrong.

Behind my laughter, is a voice that will be heard,

Behind my veil of compassion, lies a thirst for loyalty,

And in your arrogance, you made a grave error.

You thought I would break over your betrayal,

And that I would cringe at the sound of your footsteps.

You thought I would cower at the bellow of your voice,

And the force of your will could overcome me,

You were wrong.

Something resilient, lies beneath this external shell of mine,

Making your words fall on deaf ears.

You never knew—that beneath this gentle facade,

Lies the heart of a warrior.


It’s a Fight

Endless and infinite,

A struggle and a hardship,

You power through it, but

Going alone may prove to be your downfall.

You take a hit and your lower lip bleeds.

You hit the ground and your eye swells,

Head bouncing off the cement, like a spring.

You rise to your feet,

Only to be knocked down, again.

Walking on, you encounter other obstacles.

You attempt to jump over them,

Catch your foot and fall flat on your face.

Now you’re stumbling,

Your legs weak, feet dragging.

You refuse to stop,

Here comes the next one.

You feel a fist slam into your gut that knocks the wind out of you,

Doubled over, you barely catch your breath

Before the next blow knocks you to the ground.

You hear the snickering voices,

Know they’re laughing at you.

The sound evokes a rage from you,

It pulls you to your feet.

Your forehead is drenched in dirt and sweat.

You stand, dust yourself off, and carry on.

The path seems endless,

You turn in circles, losing all sense of direction.

“Now what?”

You’re not sure and hope deserts you.

You sit on the dusty path with your head in your hands,

Knuckles cut and bleeding.

Your wrists bruised.

Your back aches and your temples throb.

You wonder why you fought so hard,

“What was the big deal?”

And then you remember,

You know what you came to do.

Suddenly, your strength returns to you.

You stand upright with newfound purpose,

And think to yourself, “This isn’t over.”

You look toward the horizon with newly instilled hope.

Your goal is within reach.

You push your exhausted form a few more steps.

Saying to yourself, “Just a little more.”

Your breath comes in short, laborious bursts.

Your lungs fight for air.

Limbs struggling to hold you up.

But you don’t stop.

You stand grounded, insurmountable

And there is not a single force on this earth that can move you,

Unless that force is you.

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