Media Multitasking: Factors that influence audience use of multiple media platforms at once

I’m not sure about giving the audience more information, or that it will make it better. Sometimes receiving a flood of information makes it too overwhelming for people, especially when you try to operate two or more media platforms simultaneously. On the other hand, knowledge is power, and the more information the better in most cases. It may also provide for more opportunities, or more headway for research. Seeing is people respond better to less, but solid information, versus more, but not as factual.

About the study, I found it obvious that most people would use media platforms less when people were in the room than when they weren’t. Though, I will have to say that on more than one occasion, I have been in a room with several people, with the tv on, and yet, several times throughout the duration, I would look around and most would be on their phones, even with someone next to them and the tv playing. From this experience, I think too much focus goes into multimedia. People should talk, or at least be participating in the same communal act of watching the tv. It might have something to do with the fact of people retaining less information.

One thought on “Media Multitasking: Factors that influence audience use of multiple media platforms at once

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  1. I like how you personally reflect on how more information would influence the thought process of the consumer. You are right – sometimes too much information can overwhelm an individual and just drive them to pay even less attention to the product or brand being pushed on them. Although you think less people should partake in using multiple forms of media, especially when they are all together, do you think people will? Or do you think people will start paying less and less attention as more forms of media present themselves? Overall, I really liked your ideas on the subject. Good job!:)


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