After learning that millions of people watch the super bowl each year, it wasn’t hard to believe why showing a 30 second commercial costs so much. My next thought was, what a gamble it must be then, to be in advertising, and have to make the decision about what would be good enough to promote on the super bowl. I began to think that it might even be a waste of time, considering that if it doesn’t work, the company is out of a lot of money. But I suppose, the saying is true that you have to spend money to make money.

Still, it is uncanny what some of these commercials are and think that they made any money for their product. Some of the advertisements, I really liked. I thought the Audi commercial was interesting. The way it caught your interest in the beginning because you didn’t know what was going on with the grandfather and grandson. Then to see the excitement at the car feeling like a rocket, it makes consumers smile, which is a successful objective.

With the Doritos commercial, and the ultrasound of the baby, it was interesting until the very end. I think if they had the baby kick or a crazy picture on the ultrasound would have worked, but I thought the ending was a little much. But perhaps my perspective will change after taking this course.

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  1. I agree that the Doritos commercial was a little much at the end but i think to make a Superbowl ad memorable it has to stick out. It does seem like the ad companies must have a tuff time deciding what to promote on the Superbowl. I do believe most of the ads are tested beforehand to make sure they will make the companies money.


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